• Building
    digital trust solutions for industry.

  • About

    • TrustWorks is an enterprise-focused web-3 innovation studio.

    • Enabling clients to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies into their existing systems and business processes.

    • Using end-to-end building blocks to automate and improve multiparty risk, trust and contract performance.

    • With institutional grade compliance, custody and cyber-security.

  • Services

  • Oracles

    Industry grade solutions for triggering smart contracts using real world data.

  • Smart Contracts

    End-to-end web 3 toolbox for transforming businesses or building new ones.

  • Payments

    Leveraging the power of open banking, smart contracts and decentralised finance.

  • Data Monetisation

    Automated data integration with any smart contract or blockchain.

  • Custody and Compliance

    Institutional grade custody for digital assets, providing clients with insured mechanisms to de-risk the storage and management of digital assets.



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