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Decentralised finance for people transacting less than a $1

Enabling humanitarian and mobile networks to provide fast, scalable and low-cost decentralised financial services to their customers


TrustWorks is a fintech on a mission to enable anyone with a mobile to access decentralized financial services. We do so by providing humanitarian and mobile networks with the building blocks required to scale decentralised finance across their network – with a specific focus on the 1.7 billion with access to a phone but no bank account.  



TrustWorks is able to program money to reduce barriers traditionally associated with financial exclusion


TrustWorks can be integrated via wallet or API and is available across smart and feature phones (KaiOS, iOS and Android) or web


TrustWorks is a self-custody solution meaning only the user is in control of their funds


TrustWorks leverages stable coins and the blockchain to deliver almost instant, ultra-low cost and easily scalable financial services - globally

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TrustWorks infrastructure services are operating a Celo Network Validator. Stake now and earn up to 5.8% a year.


Alesh Brown

Alesh Brown


Specialist in building products, strategies and standards to improve the delivery of cash and financial inclusion in humanitarian settings

Gavin Cunningham

Gavin Cunningham


UK solicitor specialising in corporate law and the practical application of emerging technologies within complex legal and regulatory frameworks

David Acton

David Acton


Multi-award winning software engineer, who previously worked for a major European investment bank as their lead blockchain architect

Sharon Henley

Sharon Henley

Product Strategy

Previous head of Head of Marketing at the UK Royal Mint. Responsible for launching their tokenized Gold token (RMG)

Chris Matten

Chris Matten

Head of Risk

Retired PwC Partner specialising in Financial control; Enterprise risk management; Capital management and Compliance

Joe Jasin

Joe Jasin

Board of Director

Veteran executive in mobile/wireless industry; Venture capital Fund founder and investor. Member on the GSMA Innovations Council Committee.

Jamie Jarabejo

Jamie Jarabejo

Interface Design

User interface designer specializing in rapid prototyping to product design with experience with the UN and various blockchain projects.

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    Details of how the Celo Network operates are available in their whitepaper. For information on how to stake your cGLD see here. Or alternatively drop us an email info@celo.works.


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    No. Celo will penalise Celo.Works if our validator experiences prolonged down-time or double signs a block. That penalisation only applies to tokens owned and staked by Celo.Works and not your tokens. If Celo.Works is penalised however, the staking rewards paid to you by Celo for staking on us will be lower for some time, during which your tokens may be locked, before returning to normal levels. 


    We do not charge you for the Services. You are rewarded by Celo directly for staking your tokens for the benefit of the network and Celo.Works are rewarded by Celo directly for running the validator  infrastructure required to support that. 


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